Meditations Gallery

This series of works was made during my final year of art school. The project was a step in a different direction from my more design-like practice, and represents an attempt on my part to gain an understanding of a direct, intuitive approach to art making. I think this directness is an aspect of all artists' practice, but seems more central for some than it is for others. With these works I gained a comprehension which I could only develop by going through the process.


Each work represents a meditation on a subject. Some were something of a therapy, attempts to engage with issues that are particularly raw for me; while others are more of a speculation from a distance. The works compliment each-other, but were intended to be self contained and speak for themselves out-with their context in the gallery or as part of the group. Hence the writing which provides a textual narrative within each piece.



Looking back on these, I become aware of the character emerging through the works. I know that at my age there is much which I still have to experience. Some already seem naive, and most must seem so to one who has lived more life than me. I like this. These pieces represent a cross section of the life of a young student who is looking for a comfort and security in their own skin, in their own mind and in the their own world.